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Maggot baits

Quick facts:
Maggot baits
マゴット ベイツ
Hentai, Horror
Mangagamer (English)
Original Japanese PC Releases
2015-10-26 (Trial Version)
Japanese Android Port Release
International English PC Release
2019-10-24 (Digital)
2020-05-15 (Physical USB)

Maggot Baits (マゴット ベイツ) is an eroge released on November 27, 2015, made by CLOCKUP, and the official English translation, made by MangaGamer, was released on October 24, 2019.

Story[edit | edit source]

Kantou, Pandemonium—

Formerly known as Kajou City, a central metropolis of the Kantou region, it was transformed overnight into a demonic city where the supernatural runs rampant after it was linked to the swirling power of chaos from the Abyss several years ago.

When immortal, unidentified beings called “Witches” began to appear, the government responded by quarantining the metropolitan area, and ceding the land from their sovereign borders.

Though old Kajou City became a ghost town for a time, criminals, illegal immigrants, and defaulting debtors who couldn’t make a living in this corrupt world sought refuge in the city, followed by an influx of prostitutes, black market dealers, and yakuza seeking to take advantage of them.

After growing to a population of 150,000 over several years, the curtain rises on this tale when a certain man encounters a lone “Witch” here in this unrecognized free city known as Pandemonium.

The wheel of destiny begins to turn for one man and the “Witches”, here in this dangerous, evil city beyond the reach of law.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Tsunuga Shougo[edit | edit source]

A tall, reticent young man. Protagonist of the story.

He’s a professional at close combat, excelling in the use of martial arts and all small firearms. His body is a mass of physically honed muscles. He takes up the lone fight of trying to destroy the organization that effectively controls the Pandemonium.

At present he acts alongside one Witch, Carol.

Carol the Witch[edit | edit source]

One of the “Witches”. A cold beauty with slender build and sharp eyes.

She speaks little and hardly ever shows a smile. Unlike most Witches, she acts alongside the human, Tsunuga. Tsunuga is also the only one she turns to for replenishing her power (having sex).

Her Brutal Edge is a greatsword as long as her height

Gloria the Witch[edit | edit source]

A rough, cheerful Witch who likes fighting, regardless of good or evil.

She generally pays little mind to details, and acts like an older sister with a strong spirit. She’s friendly with Tsunuga, but she prefers being a lone wolf over acting alongside him. She helps him out if she finds him in danger, at least.

Her Brutal Edge is a greataxe.

Matsumaru Serika[edit | edit source]

One of Carol and Tsunuga’s allies, she’s a girl who gathers information in the city. She’s clever, fearless, talks a lot, and laughs a lot.

She’s a tough girl who doesn’t quite possess the wit to make it in the criminal city, but it’s a mystery why she places herself in such a dangerous city.

Wilma the Witch[edit | edit source]

She’s always collected and logical, an intelligent type who disdains combat, which is rare for a Witch.

She’s also more mentally mature than other Witches, and as a result also more cynical and introspective. She’s friendly with Tsunuga, and generally acts alongside him, but that’s because their interests are aligned.

Her Brutal Edge is a Western halberd.

Alison the Witch[edit | edit source]

A very young-looking "witch" who is tomboyish but also a big crybaby. She was caught by the witch hunters, but was then saved by Shougo.

Her weapon is two curved swords.

Brian Mac Cumhail[edit | edit source]

A man renowned as a terrorist. Presently, he works as one of Shimon's henchmen.

Carla the Witch[edit | edit source]

A very stubborn "witch". She strongly tries to protect her virginity. However, that seems impossible as she is caught by the witch hunters.

Edna the Witch[edit | edit source]

A knight-like "witch" who has a very proud personality. She doesn't side with anybody and tries to stay as neutral as possible.

Her weapon is a one-handed longsword.

Igou Nobutake[edit | edit source]

An accomplice who has some kind of connection to Tsunuga’s past.

He secretly supports them by selling them arms and munitions from outside the city.

He is the ex-head of the Security Bureau at the MPD.

Irene the Witch[edit | edit source]

A very stoic and silent "witch". She fights only in order to survive. Like Edna, she is very neutral and doesn't want to be on anyone's side.

Isabel the Witch[edit | edit source]

A "witch" who works alongside Sandy as witch hunters. Very rude and hedonistic, Isabel is very slutty as well and loves to have sex more than anything.

Jane Doe the Witch[edit | edit source]

The nameless "witch". She mysteriously shows up in front of Shougo many times throughout the story, and her identity is unknown.

Sandy the Witch[edit | edit source]

A very sadistic "witch" who is a witch hunter herself and bisexual. Thanks to her muscular build, she is one of the best fighters around. She loves to dissect her victims while they are alive.

She dual-wields her saw-like swords.

Shimon[edit | edit source]

Boss of the witch hunters. Actualy Jane Doe's minion, and Her Lover

Valentinos[edit | edit source]

Man send by the church to obtain the Gospel of Judas. A very violent man, but with a philosophical streak

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