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Story:The Game

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Omnes una manet nox. Dum spiro, spero. Per angusta ad augusta. Per aspera ad paradisum.
— Motto of the game.

During the first part of the visual novel. All characters are participating in a game in order to advance in the White facility. This game is one of most popular things in the entire franchise.

Objective and rules[edit | edit source]

The main goal of the game is that the "Unlockers" need to unlock the "Keyholes" with a specific "Key" meaning that the "Unlockers" need to sexual assault the "keyholes" in a specific way in order to progress. Males are assigned as "Unlockers" and females as "Keyholes". The "Unlocker" needs to follow the "Unlock conditions" to stay in the game. As an example of a condition is the usage specific items like a rope to perform the assault on the "Keyhole". When the "Verdict" is "Clear" 1 out of 5 doors will open. This procedure gets repeated as long until all doors are open. Any person who refuse to participate or break the rules will get removed from the game.

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