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Rokukeikan Academy


Rokukeikan Academy is the academy where all the characters of euphoria are studying.

Description[edit | edit source]

This is an isolated academy located close to a hill and a forest, it is says that it is hard to access to it. This is also a special academy in the way that the majority of the student are very poor or are orphans. The academy possesses a boarding school where Keisuke is. The academy itself have some club inside like an astronomy club (where Nemu, Keisuke, Kanae and Rika were), a English literature club (that is led by Aoi Natsuki) and even a volunteer club.

It is hinted that the students are affiliated to a single classroom (without counting the club that have their own classroom). The academy also possesses a great gymnasium a little distant from the main building but still in the academy sentence. There is also a special section where are located special room like the broadcast room, a room where message may be displayed to every student orally.

There are school uniform to wear in the campus that consists of a traditional sailor uniform with black knee-high socks fore female and a black jacket with a white shirt and a black pant for male. There are 3 differences class level in the academy that are recognizable thanks to the ribbon attached to the school uniform : red for first year, green for second year and blue for third year students.

Warning spoiler ahead[edit | edit source]

During the event of the murder game that occurred in the academy, the building became greatly damaged, a lot of window were broke ore tagged, classroom were sacked, barricade were erected and a lot of people were killed in it. only the gymnasium remained globally intact (till Kanae and Nemu get back to the academy, where the gymnasium get blowed from the inside). It is also in the academy sector that is located the white facility.

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