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Talk:Rika Makiba/@comment-2601:880:C100:B300:38D5:9BF5:A5B4:390B-20200101183455

Discussion page of Rika Makiba/@comment-2601:880:C100:B300:38D5:9BF5:A5B4:390B-20200101183455

Honestly she's apart of one of my favorite moments from the visual novel. It's right after her crushed by a wall torture when Keisuke has to hit Nemu to save her from dying. She's concerned about Nemu and guilty that she had to get hurt for Rika's sake. During this scene the description says, "Nemu wore a caring smile as she kissed Makiba's forehead in a relaxed manner." It shows that the girls really develop a relationship with eachother, and even if they didn't know eachother before they're very close after all the trauma they've gone through. It especially shows Nemu's true nature. I love this fucking game. 

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