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Ouju no Shima

Ouju no Shima
Developer and PublisherCLOCKUP
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows 10 & 11
ReleaseDownload and Package

Ouju no Shima (鏖呪ノ嶼) is an upcoming eroge releasing on the 26th of April 2024 made by CLOCKUP.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

2019 is a Transitional Year in the Shadow of Shinbutsu Island's Secret History Nestled within the serene waters of the Seto Inland Sea lies Shinbutsu Island, a remote enclave steeped in enigma. Emerging from the aftermath of war, this clandestine locale has silently burgeoned into a hub of clandestine activities, chiefly notorious for its covert prostitution industry. At the helm of this clandestine enterprise stands the influential Futatsuguri clan, entrenched in the island's socio-economic fabric since the Showa era, steering the course of its illicit trade. Meanwhile, amidst the clandestine whispers and clandestine dealings, four enigmatic figures, each with their own inscrutable motives, embark on a clandestine voyage to the island, their clandestine intentions veiled in secrecy. Within the intricate web of factions vying for control, a shaman adept in the arcane arts of manipulating the "deadly curse" emerges, weaving a tapestry of deception and intrigue in a world where crime knows no bounds. Amidst the decadence and vice that shroud the island, a labyrinth of clandestine agendas unfolds, where the clandestine intentions of individuals become entangled in a clandestine dance of power and deceit. Yet, lurking in the clandestine depths of Shinbutsu Island's murky past lies a sinister secret, a malevolent curse veiled in shadows, silently festering for over seven decades since the ravages of war.

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