Developer and PublisherCLOCKUP
GenreHentai, Action
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows
ReleaseTrial Version
2023-02-07 (2022-12-29[1])
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SACRIFICE VILLAINS is a Visual Novel published by CLOCKUP on the 24th February, 2023.

Story[edit | edit source]

In the era following the emergence of SUPERVILLAINS, the city of SCUM CITY fell under the relentless grip of CRIME. Amidst this turmoil, a haven of goodness known as JUSTOPIAN WARD emerged within the heart of the city. In defiance of the nefarious villains, the SUPERHEROES established this autonomous sanctuary as a bastion of VIRTUE amid the surrounding CHAOS. At its helm stands the eminent figure of JUSTOPIA, the paragon of heroism, holding accountable countless villains for their myriad transgressions. As the visionary Founder, Mayor, and Champion of JUSTOPIAN WARD, Justopia leads the HERO SOCIETY in tireless endeavors to combat crime and bring peace not only to the city but to the world at large.

Despite the valiant efforts, the villainous forces continue to grow, causing setbacks for the heroes as some among them succumb to the allure of betrayal. In such dire times, Justopia seeks aid from the ASYLUM, an institution aimed at rehabilitating villains and guiding them towards the path of light. The players task is to apprehend S-rank Villains and swiftly convert them into heroes, harnessing their powers in service of JUSTICE and the greater good. The responsibility falls on the player to reform these individuals and redirect their abilities towards noble endeavors.

  1. Without Sound
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