Kanae Hokari


Kanae Hokari (帆刈 叶, Hokari Kanae) is one of the heroines in euphoria. She is a second-year at Rokukeikan Academy, one of Keisuke's classmates and his childhood friend.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kanae is a petite girl who has short, black hair with a ribbon attached to it as an accessory, and green eyes. She has an infantile face, while her body is curvy with big breasts. She tries to hide her figure by using a cardigan; however, the school uniform is too small for her, so it doesn't work. She is always seen wearing her school uniform, which consists of a traditional black sailor suit and a cardigan.

In the true end, her appearance doesn't change that much, the only difference being that she wears a white scientist coat over her uniform.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kanae is shown to be a sweet, gentle girl who cares about the people around her, to the point where she asks Keisuke to choose her from now on at some point in the anime and the game, so that the other girls won't suffer. She is always by Keisuke's side, since she's his childhood friend; Kanae trusts him and would happily do anything he tells her to. She doesn't like Nemu very much, due to the fact that Nemu teases people a lot and she enjoys bullying Rika, who Kanae often defends to the point where a small bond grows between them.

In the true end, it is shown that her real personality is completely different, as she was just acting innocent in order to trick Keisuke. Kanae is the complete antithesis of the person she was during the time she spent locked in the white facility; she acts just like Nemu, being someone cruel, ruthless and arrogant. This confuses Keisuke, since it seemd as though Nemu and Kanae had swapped personalities, to the point that he thinks that Nemu manipulated Kanae. It's believed that she did have feelings for Keisuke, since she left some hints about her hiding location with Nemu for him at Rokukeikan Academy after escaping from the facility.

Story[edit | edit source]

As the game proceeds, it is revealed that her true story goes like this: her mother, Mrs. Hokari, was the scientist of Company A, the rival of Company B. Kanae's father, Mr. Hokari, was the scientist of Company B. Company B was holding the technology of "The Sleeping Beauty". In an attempt to steal that technology, Company A ordered Mrs. Hokari to seduce Mr. Hokari so she could infiltrate their facility. Kanae Hokari was then born. Unfortunately, due to the fact the she was a production of a forced marriage, she did not get any love from her parents; they were more focused on their careers. As a result, she grew up to be a cruel and arrogant person, with her biggest dream being to become the best scientist at Company B. She believes that only then will she gain everyone's attention. After a lot of hard work, she proved herself to be qualified to become a scientist at a young age. Company B then assigned her to work in the "Sleeping Beauty" project; her job is to monitor and find a way to turn Nemu Manaka into the next version of the "Sleeping Beauty".

During the experiment conducted at the Rokukeikan School, Kanae found out that the only reason why Nemu was still holding back after so much effort to make her lose all hope is because of her good memory with Keisuke Takato when she was a child. Kanae then came up with a new plan: to make Nemu beg her to save Keisuke's life after threatening to kill him, leading to a bet that if Nemu can make Keisuke hate her enough to kill her, she will save his life. They were all brought into the virtual reality and the sex game happened. Kanae succeeded with her plan to make Nemu lose all hope in the world. Nemu was going to become the next generation of the "Sleeping Beauty". However, Kanae had underestimated Keisuke by thinking that he would follow Nemu into the sleeping world. Her plan failed at the last minute when Keisuke decided to escape the facility with the help of Rinne Byakuya and Natsuki Aoi, promising that one day he would come back to get Nemu out.

After that incident, Kanae realized that she was wrong all along, which prompted her to change her mind. She erased Nemu's memory and escaped the facility with her not long after. Before leaving, she left some hints about their hiding location at Rokukeikan School, hoping that one day Keisuke will find them. Kanae and Nemu then became the target of both Company A and B. After three years, Keisuke finally found her message. He easily deciphered it and immediately headed to her place. Unfortunately, he was too late. Her hiding location was found by a group of mercenaries just a few hours before him. When he arrived, Kanae was lying on the street after getting shot. She then said some last words to him before passing away. Keisuke went into her house and found out that all the hitmen were dead because of the traps she set in her own house. He also found Nemu hiding in the closet, taking her with him on a new running.

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