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Nemu Manaka


Nemu Manaka (真中 合歓) is one of euphoria's heroines. A second-year at Rokukeikan Academy, she is Keisuke's classmate and considered to be the most beautiful girl in his class. She's always by herself in class and despite being classmates with Keisuke and Kanae, she has hardly interacted with them.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Nemu is a beautiful young woman with stylized ash blonde long hair in a bun with braids, violet eyes, and very pale skin. She carries the grace and balance of a sophisticated noblewoman, and is also rumored to have the blood of a Westerner in her. Her face is also thinner and is considered more worthy than that of a Japanese girl. According to Keisuke, her proportions are perfect.

Nemu is almost always seen wearing her school uniform, which consists of a traditional sailor uniform with black knee-high socks. In the true end, Nemu lets her hair down and is seen wearing a long white dress.

Personality[edit | edit source]

At It is very good first, Nemu is a observant, quick-witted girl who keeps cool even in extreme situations; it is said that she used to be always by herself in class, barely interacting with her classmates. After some scenes, Nemu is shown to be a cruel sadist who tries to make Keisuke unleash his interior demons, taking advantage of the situation. Even though most of her intentions are unknown, Nemu likes to tease Keisuke and the others during their time locked in the white room, being considered somewhat ruthless and detestable. She plays the role of a villain during most part of the game, due to her actions being purposefully hateable - being the perfect contrast of Kanae. She is hated by Keisuke, to the point that he tries to strangle her to death in Kanae's route.

Keisuke talks about Nemu. (Episode 01)

During Kanae's route, it is shown that Nemu is neither cruel or hateable - she's a sweet girl who cares a lot about Keisuke. She only was playing a role in order to make Keisuke hate her enough for he wants to kill her, all that in order to heal save his life after he was seriously hounded when he tried to protect her. Nemu grew up in a facility where she wasn't allowed to go outside and, then, someday, she ran away and ended up meeting Keisuke, a boy of her age. They developed a strong bound and since then, she never stopped thinking about him, even when they were apart Nemu still made reports about her days in the facility - even talking about Kanae, the daughter of Mrs. Hokari, whom she considered "a friend". In fact, Keisuke was the one that permit her to endure the horrible reality she was in because she was doomed to feel absolute pain and sadness until she left all hope in this word. In the end, Kanae wipes Nemu's memories, making her forget about Keisuke and everything else. Her final personality is childlike and innocent.

Story[edit | edit source]

Nemu's first appearance in the game is when Keisuke Takatou meets his other classmates and their teacher Natsuki. Unlike everyone else, she seems pretty comfortable with the situation at hand. When Miyako is eliminated via electric chair, she doesn't react at all, and later catches keisuke admiring Miyako's (almost dead) body. After this, she finds out about his sadism and makes a deal with him, she gets what she asks of him and keisuke's secret is safe with her. This essentially makes their "deal" blackmail . After sealing their deal with a kiss, Nemu asks keisuke to choose Kanae as his "keyhole" after kanae walks in on them kissing. keisuke can't bring himself to do it, which leads to the game's different routes.

As the game proceeds, it is revealed that her true timeline story would be: Nemu was born to become the next generation of "Sleeping Beauty" > kept and raised in the facility when she was a child > was taken away from the facility by Kanae's mother and was hidden away in a cave > Met Keisuke (as a child) in the cave due to Keisuke making the cave into his "hideout". Keisuke showed Nemu all the great thing the surface has to offer like candy, cats, and stars > keisuke kept Nemu hidden away in his "hideout" (cave) but unfortunately they were found and the two were captured and brought back to the facility > Nemu begged for him to be released in exchange for him having his memory of her wiped-out > As the years pass, Nemu goes trough death games to make her lose hope in reality as an attempt to make her go to sleep forever and have dreams that let out a euphoric feeling to then be harvested and sold. she was then put under the watch of Natsuki and Kanae to keep her safe during the next death game at Rokukeikan Academy. Kanae would orchestrate the death game and Natsuki would keep Nemu safe > Coincidently met Keisuke again there > In the attempt of making Nemu lose all hope in the world and become the "Sleeping Beauty", Kanae fatally wounded Keisuke with a metal pipe > Nemu begged Kanae to save him, leading to a bet with Kanae that if Nemu can make Keisuke hate her enough to kill her, she will let keisuke live > They were brought into the vitural reality, in which the sex game happened > Nemu and kanae switched places in Keisuke's memory with small tweaks in keisuke's memory too. watching all the horrible things Nemu put Kanae through was enough to make Keisuke strangle and snap Nemu's neck, thus killing her > Kanae spared him but Nemu lost faith in reality so Kanae put Keisuke in the same dream world with Nemu, after she had some fun toying and playing with keisuke, breaking him further > In the dream world, the truth is revealed, Kanae was the villain and Nemu was Keisuke's childhood friend all along. Keisuke and Nemu went back to their peaceful days at school together in the dream. Keisuke asked Nemu out and she, who secretly loved him too, of course said yes. they made love and before going back to the dorms, keisuke rejected her. he told Nemu he isn't going to "paradise" with her. Nemu tried to convince him to go into the "Paradise" with her as she had lost all hope in the real world but keisuke simply told her they don't deserve it. he escaped the facility with the help of Rinne and Natsuki, with a promise that one day he would come back and save her > Kanae erased Nemu's memory and escaped with her not long after > After 3 years of running and hiding, Nemu, now has a child-like personality from her erased memories, was found by Keisuke hiding in a closet, in some abandoned room in an alley that Nemu and Kanae made their base to hide from the hitmen > The two happily reunited and escaped. it isn't stated if Nemu ever got her memories back.

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